The other day someone sent me another one of those links to a web page that contends it can calculate my Real Age and also tell me how long I should live.

There were 37 questions and I answered them all as accurately as I could. It turns out I am really 85 years old but actually, really, have the mind and body of a 66.2 year old youngster and I should live to be 108.8 years old, which is about the way I've been planning it.From what I can see here there is a major upside to this. I may live long enough to see the Democrats actually select a candidate to run for President of the United States.

The Old (but maybe not so much) Professor

Carmel, CA

April 7, 2008



I’ve been watching the NCAA Woman’s Basketball Championship games on television. A few days ago the University of Connecticut ladies played the girls from Rutgers University and I couldn’t help but notice something. During most of the game, if not the entire game, all of the players on the floor where black.

Now the fact that I noticed that basketball seems to have an unusually large percentage of good, black basketball players is hardly new. For years sociologists have examined this phenomenon.

As I understand it, they conclude that many black players were brought up in less affluent neighborhoods and whenever they looked out their front doors there were no baseball, football or hockey facilities available. However, there always seemed to be a pole with a basket on it so basketball became the game of choice.

If this train of thought is to be followed I might also conclude that somewhere there are neighborhoods where most of the residents are white and when they look out their front doors they see pompoms.

A very large percentage of the cheerleaders appear to be Caucasian.

The Old Professor
Carmel, CA
April 5, 2008



The other day I happened to catch two separate clerks each apparently having a bad day. It prompted me to write an open note to all those people who can't seem to find any reason to exercise even a modicum of civility to others.

Look, Person Behind the Counter, it's not my fault.

It's not my fault you have a job you hate.

It's not my fault you are working at a job that's really beneath your talents.

It's not my fault that your boss is a mean bastard that you would love to strangle.

It's not my fault that you didn't get enough education to qualify you for a job better than this.

It's not my fault that you messed up in high school and therefore never had a chance.

All that is not my fault.

Think back to when you applied for this job. No one forced you to try to get it. You thought it was a pretty good job. Remember how thrilled you were to find you were the one selected for this job. If it's such a miserable job, why did you apply for it? Why did you accept it?

You don't remember?

Allow me refresh your memory. Being without a job was even worse that what you are doing now.

So, you have a choice. There's always a choice There are no chains on you. You can leave whenever you want to leave. There are other jobs you can apply for and once again be thrilled if you are accepted. But nothing will change unless you can find a way start your day with some kind of positive attitude.

And how about considering me? I am the one who is responsible for there being any job there at all and it's a big part of your job to make me happy when I am trying to give your employer some of my money.

Once in awhile please try to think about it from that angle.

There's a little fringe benefit too. If you adopt a pleasant attitude and pass it on to everyone you come in contact with you will find your days go faster, you will feel better and I guarantee, you will find all kind of good things happening to you. It used to be called "The Power of Positive Thinking."

And if you do happened to have a day where everything seems to go against you it might be all right to be disappointed but please keep one thing in mind, it's not my fault.

The Old Professor
Carmel, CA
February 4, 2008