It seems that of late I have been a bit remiss in posting blogs. To be truthful, I haven’t had much interesting going on in my life and additionally, I wasn’t sure anyone read my ravings anyway so I haven’t posted anything. However, lately I received a couple of e-mails asking if all was okay and indicating that at least someone dropped by now and then. So, I will try to do better and start by telling of my recent attempt at some body surfing on an escalator about a month ago.

I’m not sure “escalator” is a term used worldwide but it is one of those belts of moving, endless stairs that connect different levels of a building, though my adventure involved one that was outside of a building.

I went to an Apple Computer Store to get some help with a password problem I was having with my iPad. I left my car on a lower level, outdoor, parking space and rode the escalator up to the level I needed.

All went well at the store and I headed back and stepped onto the down escalator. As I stepped on the first step my heel caught the stair behind me and I lost my balance. I had my iPad in one hand and my cane in another so those went flying but I was unable to grasp any handrail. Therefore I fell forward and proceeded to tumble down all 30 steps and ended up in a heap at the bottom. Gratefully there were no other riders behind me or they would have ended up in heap with me at the bottom of the escalator.

I didn’t get up but attempted to assess my condition and discovered that I was first, alive though I had sustained a myriad of scrapes, bruise and cuts. A man appeared who contended he was the manager of the shopping area and he insisted that an ambulance be called for and soon there were flashing red lights all over the place and I was on my way to the Emergency Room of the nearby hospital.

Just as I was about to leave one of the medics announced, “I have your cane and iPad.” This was a bit disappointing as I had been wanting to buy the newer version iPad but really couldn’t justify it. As it turned out, the iPad survived fine but I had two cuts that required a couple of stitches each more scrapes and bruises than I could count.

Eventually that day I was allowed to go home and in a few weeks all traces of my wild ride disappeared. I now consider the whole episode was a “wake up call”. Being almost 89 years old I am now determined to be be even more careful about anything I attempt to do. It was a very close call and I am grateful and though I didn’t sustain any serious injuries and I doubt I will ever forget the day I attempted to body-surf the escalator.

The Old Professor
Carmel, CA
February 26, 2012