It has been a couple of weeks since I posted my last blog. This is probably due to a combination of a couple of things. It's entirely possible that I may have commented on everything in the world and there is nothing left that amuses me. But this is doubtful. I just haven't had anything major happened in my life that was worth blogging about -- until now.
For many years I have used a software program called Almanac. It is essentially a calendar program and each time I turn my computer on a calendar fills my screen showing holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and even doctor's appointments. However, I moved to a new computer using a new operating system and I couldn't find a way to install my Almanac program. After much searching I found the author of the program had retired it and in its place there was a new program called Einstime. That is Einstime not Einstein, as in Albert Einstein. The new program is very elegant and has many more features. The only problem was that I had trouble entering my personal information. So I sent an e-mail to Technical Support.
I received a prompt answer (like in about an hour) and, as it turned out, it was from the author of the software. His name is Leonard Gray. I was surprised to receive a personal note instead of some automated message. In addition, he offered to call me on the telephone and walk me through the problem. So, I sent him my number and, within an hour, he called me. He knew exactly what the problem was and while I was at my computer he guided me step-by-step until the program worked perfectly.
I was amazed! Not only is Einstime a very elegant program but now it works exactly the way I want it to work and I could not be happier. In all my years of dealing with Technical Support going back to 1982 I never have experienced anything like that.

If you have any need for such a program, and almost everyone does, I wholeheartedly suggest that you go to http://www.einstime.com/ and take a look. He offers a free trial period before purchasing and the price is very reasonable. And, most importantly, if you get in trouble you can rely on getting REAL help.

The Old Professor
Carmel, CA
April 26, 2009



Dear Mr. President,
I saw one of your many television appearances when you were in London recently.
I'm sure I heard you say, "Next month me and my cabinet will ..."
"Next month me and my cabinet will ..."?
Now, what will happen if your cabinet doesn't show up? "Me" will do it alone?
Respectfully, Sir, as much as I admire your devotion to your children, I think you've been spending too much time with them. That's the way kids talk!
"My cabinet and I will ..."
"My cabinet and I will ..."

Mr. Obama, you are one of the leaders of the free world.
You should learn to talk gooder.

The Old Professor
Carmel, California
April 3, 2009